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Dry-Process Dust Removal
  System for Blast Furnace  Gas

Dust Removal System for
  IF Furnace
Dust Removal System for EAF   and AOD
Dust Removal System for LF
Low Pressure Pulse Bag   Filter
Hydraulic Charging Crane
Eccentric (slag) Tapping Tapping trolley

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hydraulic charging car
with casting, mechanical industry rapid development, iron and steel smelting process has been rapid development. Induction furnace smelting then becomes an important part of the special smelting, has received the widespread attention and get strong development. To cater for medium frequency furnace smelting principle "add less qijia" charging process characteristics, our company developed the hydraulic tipping (scrap) charging car, effective improve the intermediate frequency furnace smelting process and improve the scrap melting rate, meet steel "concentrate charging" scrap sorting requirements, improve the cast furnace speed.
- charging car used for furnace smelting steel process rhythm, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the production operation efficiency, reduce production cost;
- scrap
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