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intermediate frequency furnace dust removal system
intermediate frequency furnace dust smoke system adopts full closed type set hood, effective make up the previous cover type (such as: umbrella rotating cover) in loading and tapping cannot capture shortcomings and so on. < div >
Medium frequency furnace smelting flue gas dust removal adopts full closed set smoke form, with hydraulic loading vehicle loading, the steel ladle car, and can realize smoke in the charging period, smelting period, tapping stage process capture. Charging car use to improve the loading operation efficiency, and reduce the manual operation. The use of ladle car in addition to meet the environmental protection effect outside, reduce the leakage steel wear furnace and tapping the accident probability, make the intermediate frequency furnace tapping more safety.
Because the full closed type set hood is installed on the stove surrounding safety cover, for in smelting occasionally produces little blasting and take the action of safe protection.
●  Capture rate above 95%;
●  The system runs stably doesn't burn bag;
●  Scrap charging car and tapping (residue) car use, meets the requirements of environmental protection and at the same time, improve the production efficiency,
●  All airtight cover can form a complete set, after loading before loading, side loading three, can be very good to adapt to existing plant overall arrangement pattern;
●  Emission concentration ≤50 mg/Nm3
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